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The High School Clique Each Zodiac Sign Fits Into

The Clique Each Zodiac Sign Fit Into During High School The High School Clique Each Zodiac Sign Fits Into The High School Clique Each Zodiac Sign Fits Into Were you a social butterfly or a drama kid? It seems as if high school cliques have always been part of the typical life for teenagers, and even if you weren't in one, you were fully aware of them. Though you may not have been big into astrology and horoscopes back in high school, we can use them today to determine which clique the zodiac signs definitely belonged to. Now, when you were in a clique, you not only had friends, you had a built-in social circle and support group. Cliques helped to give you an identity and they helped you to learn how to deal with many different types of personalities. Of course, cliques definitely had their negative qualities. They could force you to conform to their standards, they could be rough on people who they felt weren't deserving enough to be their clique, and a member or members could turn on you without you having any idea why. While there are always the basic cliques — jocks, nerds, and social butterflies — more are created and taken away depending on the school and the time. There may have been Greasers in the 1950s, but there probably aren’t many (if any) Greasers in high school in 2018. As difficult as it is to get out some clubs and organizations, it can be hard to switch to another clique or get out completely. It’s nice having a group of friends that you can depend on, but it’s a nightmare if that group is trying to control the way you look, think, and act. 

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